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Adventures in San Blas

JOIN ONE OF THESE 25 EXCELLENT BOATS TO COLOMBIA OR PANAMA! Explore the crystalline waters and white sandy beaches of the San Blas Islands in the Kuna Yala territory of Panama with one of our sailing San Blas tours. Enjoy Snorkeling and eat fresh Caribbean cuisine. Blue Sailing is the premier travel agency handling sailing trips between Colombia and Panama. The crew on board will guide the way and will supply you with the tools to make your trip what you want it to be. So instead of paying for a flight from Colombia to Panama, travel with us through our Adventures in San Blas as all the boats have snorkeling gear, fishing stuff, some have kayaks, & some have paddle boards.

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All Sailing trip prices are set by the captains and are the same no matter where you book, but Blue Sailing offers you the attention and responsiveness you will not find anywhere else. With a larger fleet of Boats and more departure dates to choose from, at Blue Sailing it is our mission to take the hassle out of travel and make your trip one to remember for a lifetime.


Cartagena to Panama

Panama to Cartagena

Just pick the departure date or a style of boat, Contact Us and we work with you to find the boat that best fits your needs. We hope to see you soon!

Imagine you’re on the Black Pearl, the Jolly roger flying high while your Adventures in San Blas captain sails these dangerous waters. Keep your eyes peeled for a sweet hideout on one of the islands, or a shipwreck to plunder, snorkel for lost treasure. Bring your sea legs -- the water might get a little rough. Waves crash against the hull, salt spray stings your face. Listen to the boat creak as the sails flap in the brisk wind. Drink in the freedom those pirates of old once felt.

Each Blue Sailing tour is an adventure through the San Blas, exploring the beautiful islands and then the true adventure with the open sea crossing. Swoon to the siren call of the ocean; embrace the lonesome, expansive freedom that floods your soul. Allow yourself to be swept away on the ebb and flow of its haunting melody. Feel your smallness inside and the greatness of the universe. You may even find yourself thinking about how to leave so-called civilization behind forever, just to be out here, where there is nothing but ocean as far as the eye can see.

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