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Contact Blue Sailing

Contact Blue Sailing

Mobile: (57) 310 704 0425
Office: (57)(5) 6686485
US number: 203 660 8654
US number: 203 660 8644
Skype name: bluesailingboats
BlueSailinginfo@gmail.comBlue Sailing Address:
Calle San Andres 30-47
Getsemani Cartagena

​If you would like to book a trip or any additional information about of our boats or departure dates please just email us

At Blue Sailing, we know that when you are traveling a quick response can be crucial, and our attentive staff will do their best to reply to you the same or the next day. We speak English and Spanish and will make sure to answer your questions.En Blue Sailing. Sabemos que cuando usted está viajando, una respuesta rápida puede ser crucial, y nuestro atento personal hará todo lo posible para responder el mismo día o al día siguiente. Hablamos inglés y español y se asegurará de responder a todas sus preguntas o inquietudes.

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