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General Information

General Informationinformation about Sail Panama to ColombiaThe trips are around 5 days in total, some boats ending on the afternoon of the 5th day with others the morning of the 6th day. Three days are spent cruising around the islands and two days at sea. The length of the trip can vary with weather conditions and departure and/arrival point of the trip.

From Colombia the boats tend to depart in the evening of the first day and end the morning of the sixth (though there are a couple of exceptions that end the afternoon of the fifth day).

From Panama, the boats departing from Puerto Lindo or Portobello usually depart in the evening of the first day and end in Cartagena on the sixth day. The boats depart from Porvenir start their trip in the morning a of the first day and end in Cartagena on the fifth day (though it could be the sixth depending on the seas).

The Cost
Sail Cost Colombia to Panama
The prices for all trips are set by the captains of each boat and are the same no matter where you book.
The sailing adventure between Cartagena and Panama costs: 450 to 650 USD.
Most boats cost 550 USD. Prices may vary from boat to boat and seasonally.Contact Us for exact prices.

What is Included

Included Sail Colombia to Panama

  • Three meals per day, including a variety of proteins, freshly caught seafood, drinking water, tea and coffee and select refreshments. Food varies from boat to boat.
  • Snorkeling gear is always included on the trip so you can enjoy some of the most beautiful reefs and ship wrecks in the Caribbean. The quality of the gear varies from boat to boat, but when on board if you find the gear to be not sufficient or in poor condition please inform us so that we can ensure our captains get new sets.
  • Vegetarians, vegans, kosher, allergies or any other dietary restrictions are not a problem, but some of the vessels do charge an extra fee to accommodate them. If this is a concern please let us know upon booking.
  • Fishing equipment is available on most boats. Scuba diving and spear fishing is prohibited in Kuna Yala.
  • All of our boats to Colombia and Panama are equipped with proper safety gear, life jackets, emergency life rafts, and multiple navigation systems (both manual and electronic) and VHF radios.
  • All paperwork, passport stamps of exit and entry.

Departure Points

Departure Sail Panama Colombia


Most boats depart from or arrive to Cartagena, Colombia. The boats point of departure is the marina, Club Nautico in Manga. This is a 5-7 mil peso taxi from the center of town and takes about 5-10 minutes. Every once in a while (especially during rough season) some boats will also depart from Sapzurro on the border of Panama in Darien.


    This is where it gets tricky, there are 4 different departure/arrival ports in Panama.

  • Portobello and Puerto Lindo are where port captain and immigration are, and an easy place to start the trip. Both are small seaside towns on the Caribbean side of Panama, just a short 20 minute drive from each other. From Panama City you can get there easily with local buses which take 3-4 hours and cost around 5-10 usd, or we will organize a shuttle which takes 2 hours and costs 25 usd per person.
  • Porvenir is a popular departure point, as well as Carti. Carti is on the coast closer to mainland while Porvenir is an island a bit further out with an immigration office on it. Transport to both of these spots will be arranged for you, you will need 30 usd for the jeep from Panama city to the coast 2 usd for taxes and then 15-20 usd for a speed boat to Porvenir (5 usd to Carti).
  • A couple of boats end in Turtle Caye marina which is a 6 hour navigation north west of Porvenir. You will need to take a shuttle bus from Panama City. It will save you some money on transport but sometimes means a little less island time.
  • Occasionally a boat will leave from Shelter Bay marina in Colon, it means a 16 hour sail to San Blas. Please remember if you take the bus to Colon, take a taxi from the terminal to the marina, even though it is close, Colon can be quite dangerous.

Please Remember

Remember Colombia Panama SailingWe want to remind you as prospective passengers that when traveling by sailboat you need to be flexible. The ocean and wind are unpredictable and captains reserve the right to change the departure date due to bad weather or for mechanical issues if necessary.If you are considering this trip but are concerned with a very tight connecting flight, we will work with you to the extent of our abilities but you might want to make other arrangements.

It is important to note that this is not a luxury tour, nor is it a guided tour. The captain’s main responsibility is to get you from departure to arrival point safely, but along with the crew will provide the tools for you to make the most of your trip.

Everyone normally helps out with cooking and cleaning and on some boats passengers will also be asked (not forced) to help out with night watch. A helping hand is always appreciated by the captain and crew.

Windy season : Mid November to Mid April

Windy season Sail Panama to ColombiaDuring the windy season the seas can be rough; because of this many of the sail boats alter their routes. Some boats from Panama choose to go to Sapzurro/Capurgana on the way to Cartagena; many passengers disembark here while others then continue on to Cartagena. From Cartagena to Panama the route stays basically the same, as you are traveling with the wind and the waves. Also during this season the boats tend to fill up weeks in advance, so be sure to make your reservation early!!

Terms and conditions

Please remember that our captains reserve the right to refuse passage at their discretion, to ensure the safety and comfort of all aboard.

Please remember that departure dates can change because of bad weather, immigration delays, or mechanical issues. Please leave wiggle room.

We are only a booking agency; we DO NOT own the boats we work with. Once you have boarded the boat it is then the captain’s responsibility to carry on the level of service that we here pride ourselves on, at Blue Sailing.’

All deposits are non refundable unless cancelled by the service provider. They can be applied to future reservations.

We are not responsible for weather conditions, actions by government employees, civil disobedience, acts of God or other random events that may occur. We do our best to adapt to and avoid all of these but it is not always possible.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Adventure travel has inherent risk involved by booking and paying for your tour you are accepting said risk and Blue sailing will not be held liable.

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